Garage Door Openers

Pro Star Garage Door is your neighborhood company for all your garage door needs in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Our team would love to help you out with your garage door opener. If you need repair or if you’re wanting to upgrade we’re here to help!

What’s the Difference Between All These Openers?

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the options when it comes to garage door openers? Don’t worry because we can help you sort through them all. Here’s a little guide we put together to help you see the difference:


  • Chain drive opener: These are the most common type of opener are popular because they are strong, reliable, and affordable. They operate with a chain similar to a bicycle chain that rotates along the rail to move the trolley that opens/closes your door.
  • Belt drive opener: These are like a chain drive opener but have a belt that moves along the rail instead of a chain. Because the metal trolley is moving along a belt instead of metal it’s much quieter and smoother than a chain drive.
  • Screw drive opener: This is a starting to become a more popular option because the screw drive is strong and durable like a chain drive but it’s less noisy during operation. This type of opener has a large screw rod that rotates down the rail which moves the trolley.
  • Wall mount opener: This type of opener is mounted on the wall directly beside your garage door. It removes the need for overhead hardware and opens up the vertical space in your garage.

Which Garage Door Opener is Right for Me?

Now that you know what all the different types of openers are you might be wondering which one is right for you. If you don’t care about noise and you want a low cost option go with a chain drive. If you have a bonus room above the garage or a room attached to the garage then you should choose a belt drive opener with whisper quiet operation.


A screw drive opener is a good choice if you have heavy, reinforced doors. If you have cathedral ceilings in your garage or if you need to open up your garage for storage then go with a wall mount opener.

What to Do If Your Opener Breaks

If your opener stops working you can give us a call and we can help you see if your opener is still under warranty. Many of the higher end openers come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. If your opener isn’t under warranty we can find out how much it’ll cost to repair.


Often, the cost of repair is greater than just buying a new opener. If you do need to purchase a new opener we can help you figure out which model to go with and see which features you need.

Call Us to Upgrade Your Opener

Pro Star Garage Door is standing by to help you out with your garage door opener. We’d love to help you out and see which one is the right choice for you. For service in Atlanta, Georgia give us a call today!